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black powder PISTOL and revolvers

Black powder pistol are rarely used in firearm access free countries. Poland has a genuinely prohibitive law in regards to ownership of guns however under the Weapons and Munitions Act of May 21, 1999, as additional revised, the ownership of dark powder weapons utilizing separate stacked ammo and fabricated before 1885, or reproductions thereof, is lawful without a license. At the point when the alteration was presented, criminological pathologists foreseen a surge of cases including such weapons, basically suicides, yet additionally mishaps and murders, however in our own training in Lodz in the course of recent years (2010–2019) we have experienced just 7 such cases. Despite the fact that the number isn’t especially high, it does in any case represent almost one‐fifth of all shot passing in the zone. The point of this paper is to introduce a progression of passing  including the utilization of dark powder handguns. In examined cases, the casualties were generally men, they were calm, and their way of death was self destruction. All things considered, no consistency was found. All dark powder handgun shots were trademark enough in correlation with those from ordinary guns that they could be recognized effectively—the passage wounds were bigger than expected, there was a ton of explosive around them and in the injury trench, the bone breaks were broad. Examination of the writing and of our own material demonstrates that simple accessibility isn’t the solitary factor influencing the decision of a weapon; usability and unwavering quality are likewise significant.



Pedersoli Brown Bess Musket